Application open - Master of Evaluation

The 'Master (Blended Learning) of Evaluation' is unique in Europe and only few universities in the world are offering comparable study programmes. This study programme provides students skills and knowledge for professional scientific work on evaluations in the fields of politics, administration, and social services.

Key elements of the study programme are theories, research methods and national as well as international evaluation practices. Students are taught how to design and implement evaluations in a broad variety of contexts. A case study improves the practical experiences in doing evaluations.

The study programme prepares for scientific and methodologically sound explorations of any kind of evaluation questions. It also delivers skills and insights into the practical work of commissioners and evaluation experts from the beginning of developing evaluation tasks to the end of utilizing the evaluation results. The 'Master (Blended Learning) of Evaluation' conveys key competences for monitoring, quality management, organizational development, project and programme management and opens doors to a broad variety of interesting jobs.

Key facts

Course of study: Master (Blended Learning) of Evaluation MABLE

Type of programme: Part-time conversion Master's programme

Standard period of study: 4 semesters

Degree qualification: Master of Arts

Language of instruction: English

Tuition fees: 1,500 Euros per semester

Deadline for application: 15 August 2018 (winter semester)

Where to apply: Application form

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